Monday, October 8, 2012

Dreadful Monday and WIPs

Monday, Monday, oh how I dread thee!  I've been extremely busy lately with birthdays and events that I haven't had much time to crochet.  Officer Friendly has had 4 days off in a row and is back to work today.  My little guy had his 10th birthday along with my mom last week.  My step-grand daughter also had a birthday last week, hence the Mr. Potato head/Costco post from last week.  I conducted book club last Wednesday and we had a church event on Saturday. Sunday, Officer Friendly took me to see a movie.  He said all the guys in the department were talking about it.  It's called "End of Watch".  I didn't like it.  Only because it hits so close to home :( He definitely owes me a chic flick.  My disposition was ruined for a couple of hours until I picked up my hook!  Praise the good Lord for hooks and yarn!  Since I've been so busy, I was unable to finish my rainbow granny stripe blanket. 

I have ends to tie in and a border to put on it but I started something new.  

It's a baby blanket for my mothers friends daughter who will be having a baby girl any day. It's in Larksfoot stitch that I chose from a book I have.  I'm hoping to finish both blankets by the end of the week along with my book.  This week is looking promising as I don't have many clients down for services this week.  That's a bittersweet thing :)  I have also changed my cleaning schedule so I'm not so burdened with chores on Monday and I've spread them out evenly throughout the week. Here's a peek:



Change sheets on downstairs beds
Clean  downstairs bathrooms
Water plants
Dust downstairs
Vacuum downstairs bedrooms


Change sheets on upstairs beds
Clean upstairs bathrooms
Dust upstairs
Vacuum upstairs bedrooms


Clean oven, microwave, wipe down front of dishwasher and fridge
Straighten pantry


Mop tile
Vacuum stairs


Mop hardwood floors
Wipe down sinks and toilets in bathrooms
Clean loft office desk/file


Clean out fridge
Plan menu for following week

Much better :) Notice I don't have chores for Saturday?  I'm sticking to my guns on Saturday being my day off. I'll stay posted on my WIPs. Have a blessed Monday!

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