Saturday, December 1, 2012

Haven't been around. No excuse.

Hello All (six of you, hehehe...)!

It's holiday time which means that people are busy, busy, busy!  I know I haven't popped in for a while and I have no reasons.  I've just been going through the motions.  I'm back now and I've decided to join in on the December photo-a-day challenge!  I'm really excited about this because it forces me to pull out my camera and try and get creative.

I did not create this challenge.  I came across it on Pinterest.  It's from A Content Housewife's blog.  I urge you all to join the challenge as well and see what interesting pictures you come up with from the holiday season :)

This is my picture for today 1. My view today:

That's right ya'll!  It's Saturday and you know what that means!  If you don't, click here.  This is my view for today, lol!  I hope you are relaxing too!

Have a Blessed Saturday!

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